Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear John

Our second wedding anniversary is on Sunday.  I just wanted to let you know what you mean to me.  I still don't really think of you as a "husband", I think of you more as my universe.  Like the universe, in the last 11 years our relationship has been constantly expanding.  Every experience, memory and hardship adds to our existence as a couple.

You woke me up.  I was drifting in a dream before I met you, and I love you for that.  You touched me and I woke up.  The first time we met.  You made contact with me.  You made it okay to touch, to feel, to hold.  I am forever grateful to you.  You listened to me for hours.  We spoke, we laughed, we cried.  You understood why I need you.  I understood why you need me.  You made me whole.  You still make me whole.

Thank you for everything you have done for us.  Thank you for sleeping with me on the bottom bunk.  Thank you for picking me up from UB on 9/11.  Thank you for the trip to Cleavland.  Thank you for listening to my issues and making me feel like they are important.  Thank you for coming to Thanksgiving Dinner.  Thank you for bring Beatles CDs to the ICU.  Thank you for sleeping next to me every night you can.  Thank you for living with all the fuzzy things in our home.  Thank you for putting up with my insanity.  Thank you for returning the fruit.  Thank you for knowing how to talk to people.  Thank you for making me laugh.  Thank you for making everyone around you laugh too.  Thank you for taking me to the park.  Thank you for letting me have Toci.  Thank you for Lennon.

I love you.  I love when you look at my eye ball.  I love when you draw ducks and clouds jumping on trampolines.  I love that you touched that deer in the forest.  I love that you had a hippo sticker in your Corolla.  I love you for laughing at the rubber hand on the roof of the dirty youth hostel in London.  I love you for getting a B in SCIENCE.  I love that you think Lennon is going to bump his head.  I love that you love cartoons.  I love that old ladies love you.  I love that you talk to gas station attendants for 15 minutes about their life.  I love that you actually really care about the gas station attendant's life. I love that you dream of being Italian.  I love that you are a great dad.  I Love that you are my universe.


  1. Wow, Julie, I am speechless. It is great that you and John (and Lennon) have each other and I wish for you the best on your Anniversary and your lives together! Chris H.

  2. Thanks Chris, we have been lucky :)