Monday, March 1, 2010

No Religion - From a note I wrote on Facebook

I wrote this for a note on Facebook.  I think I will post it here.  It really describes my life philosophy.

The gods are the personalities we give to the parts of the world and the universe that we do not understand, but we know are true. We know the sky is above us, the earth is below us, we will all live and die, and we are capable of feeling love, but we don't always understand why. If we personify the earth, the sky, death and love, than we have someone to ask the questions that we cannot, or could not answer...that is if we can ask the right questions. Why does the earth shake? How did the sky come to be above the earth? What happens to our soul after death? Maybe if we can figure out the right questions to ask, the gods or god, we might get an answer. If we do not get an answer maybe the gods believe it is beyond our understanding, that we are not worthy, ready, or just were unable to ask the right question in the right way. As our questions change so do our gods. When our own knowledge answers our own questions about our world, certain gods disappear, merge together, or loose there purpose. We defeat the gods and religion with knowledge. In the garden of Eden the poison in the fruit was knowledge. Religion and the leaders and founders of religions demonize knowledge in fear of loosing control of there believers. The more we understand the less relevant religion is in our lives and the more we have to justify believing. There are still unanswered questions, and there will probably always be unanswered questions. Personally I do not think we need answers to all the questions. I think we all would be better off excepting we may never have all the answers and we are insignificant in the universe.
I have always internally fought the idea of religion and gods, but as a child questioned my “disobedience” to our culture, despite being raised with no particular religion or belief. I do not question anymore. I have been dead twice. My experience with death, for me, has justified my lack of belief and my lack of religion.
I am at peace with my insignificance in this world. I see its beauty everyday in the sky in the trees in my love for Lennon and for John. That is enough for me. The love and beauty that surround me everyday is enough to fill my heart. I do not need a god or a religion to tell me I am important, or life is important, or death is important. In the grand scheme of the universe I am not important, but I am happy and I love. That is enough for me.

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