Monday, March 1, 2010

Trying out the blogging thing

I thought maybe I should try blogging. I use to like writing and keeping a journal, but I haven't really done any writing since about 2007, so I am a little rusty.

I suppose I should write a little about myself. I have been married for 2 years but have been with my husband, John, for 11 years. We met at the end of my senior year of High School. He took me to my prom. I wasn't even going to go to prom, I am not really about social gatherings. I met John on his birthday, we hit it off and my friend Amy convinced me that asking him to prom would be a good idea. She was right. John and I have been together ever since. We have a 6 month old little boy, Lennon. He is adorable, and I am so happy to have him. He was born about two months premature and spent 2 months in the NICU. It was very difficult. I ended up suffering from postpartum depression and severe anxiety as a result of the experience. That will probably be another blog.

We live in upstate New York, where I have lived much of my adult life. I enjoy it here. I love the seasons, the natural wonders and the architecture in the area. John wants to leave the area but is sort of lost to which direction he wants to go. I am happy here until he figures it out. I don't think I have ever really been to or lived in a place that I can say I dislike. I think the people you surround yourself with are more important then where you happen to be located. That being said we do LOVE to travel! I love to escape to new places, meet new people and discover new ways to understand the world and myself. I will most likely blog about some of our adventures. We tend to get lost and end up in ridicules situations. It is a lot of fun. I can't wait to show Lennon the world.

In addition to our people family, I also have a fuzzy family. I love animals. I think I can probably say that I put them above people on the scale of who is more important in this world. I like how instinct dictates their decisions. I think a lot of people are in denial of their instinct. In my opinion instinct is one of the many pieces of ourselves that make us who we are, embrace it. Anyway, our home consists of three ferrets, two cats, a chihuahua mix pup, and a love bird. Having an animal family keeps us down to earth, reminds us what is important in life and most importantly helps us laugh everyday.

That is me in a nut shell. I will probably also be blogging about culture, religion/mythology, movies and other general interests.

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