Sunday, February 12, 2012

day 10 - places you want to visit, and why

I love visiting new places!  I have many places I would like to see for the first time, or go back too.

I was having trouble writing this entry.  Usually I am an ocean of travel fantasies.  I dream of riding camels through Tunisia, charting a yacht to the Galapagos, watching my son dig up dino bones in Utah, Cruising down the Danube, exploring temples in India, visiting a voodoo priestess in the French Quarter, llama trekking to Machu Picchu, Seeing an African sunrise over the Savannah, Luxury Camping in the Northwest US,  seeing the Egyptian pyramids and temples in person,  staying in a whitewash ocean view house in Mykonos, shopping in a Turkish bazaar, relaxing in Iceland's Blue Lagoon, hanging out with my family on Manitoulin Island, Visiting my in-laws on Ana Maria Island, introducing my son and my husband to Danish hospitality and food,  experiencing a "Dude Ranch" and .... you get the idea.

Lately though I have been so tired.  So defeated.  The thought of planning a vacation financially and logistically is exhausting.  For those that know me, they know this is not my "normal" take on life.  I just am having trouble living right now.   Not long ago planning an adventure for me and my family is one of the activities that fed my passion.  Right now, I am just not feeling it. I have been stuck for several weeks... almost a month on this challenge entry.  This is odd because "where would you visit " is usually  a topic that I could go on for days about.

It did feel good to write out this list of my travel dreams of not too long ago.  I just hope I can re spark my passion.  I hope I can see the beauty in life again.  I think I may just have the winter blues.  

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