Wednesday, January 18, 2012

day 9 - a list of things hanging on your walls

I have a lot on my wall, so I will see how much I can think of off the top of me head...  I guess I could just go to each room and look, but...

Office (I am in here so I can see)
I painting of a ferret
An Eiffel tower bulletin board
A 2010 calendar of interesting places around the world

The hall:
Wedding pictures
Lennon pictures

My room:
A Catherine Hyde print I got for John as a wedding gift

A photo of Lennon's feet

Lennon's room:
An kids solar system painting
Toy story stickers
Little Prince Painting
Plaques with cute little sayings
Monkey prints from baby's r us
Alien Robot prints I got at an art festival

Photos from my trip to Mexico in 2001/2002
some sort of painted wooden Russian saint guy

The rest of the 1st floor:
A painting by my Great Uncle's mother, Bea.
Original pastel I got at an art festival
3 movie posters

Pictures of Lennon
Pictures of my and John on our travels
Sketches of stone henge

My basement as a lot of art on the walls, mostly by me.  Some swiped from family members getting rid of stuff.

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