Monday, January 16, 2012

day 7 - your favourite 10 people right now and why

This is kind of difficult for me.  After John and Lennon I have a lot of favorite people.  Every time I meet a person they are my new favorite people.  Am I suppose to include dead people? fictional people?  family, friends?  I am going to keep family and friends to a minimum on the list.  Mainly because I have so much family that I love I cannot list them all.  So, here is a list of my top 10 favorite people right at this moment!

1 and 2 would of course have to be John and Lennon.  They are my favorite people because they are my whole life.

3. Christopher Hitchens - Close to the top of the list mainly because he has recently past, so I have been thinking a lot about his influence on my life.  The man was not always pleasant, and I did not always agree with his approach, but he was incredibly brave and, I think, deserves a lot of credit for bringing taboo issues to the forefront of conversation.

4 , 5 and 6 is a tie between Lucy Ann, Andrew Mykle and Benson Urijah. - Three of my most recent family members.  They made the list because I am so excited to discover the people that they will grow to be.  It is so exciting to see adorable little babies grow into fascinating individuals.

7. John Titor - The mystery of this, most likely fictional creation, can pull me out of being a rational person to an obsessed conspiracy theorist, in seconds.  He is most likely not a time traveler from the year 2032, and he is most likely not even a real person, but his insight into the state of our society as it is and how it evolves is amazing.  I have read and reread his online forum transcripts countless times and never get tired of it.  Every passing year brings new perspective to his words.

8. Ron Paul - On most issues I am on the complete opposite side of the fence of this man.  However, I am fascinated by him in general.    His ideas are often so off the beaten path compared to the average american politician, and they never waiver.  He knows what he wants to say, he knows what he wants to do and he has a passion and a drive that is infectious.  I don't think he will win the republican primaries.  I certainly don't want him as the leader of our country, but he sure is fun to watch.

9.  Jane Austen - Because her stories are always timeless and entertaining.

10. Anyone who is not afraid to be themselves no matter what the consequences may be.

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