Wednesday, August 24, 2011

day 5 - your horoscope for today and whether you think it’s accurate

My horoscope - The fire within you may be burning brightly, Sagittarius, but unfortunately, there isn't a great deal of fuel available to keep it going. It may seem as if people are trying to rain on your parade, but they're just trying to do their duty. Relax and contemplate what's going on around you. This may not be the best day to implement change and promote new ideas.
Yes! It is accurate! We are leaving to go on vacation. I am trying to pack and get organized. I am exhausted!!! I just cannot seem to get motivated to do what I need to do. It is funny because yesterday I was so "on the ball". I got so much done. Today I just want to sleep. Every task feels exhausting! My brain isn't thinking thoughts all the way through before it shuts off. I don't think anyone is trying to rain on my parade, except may myself.

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